What we do

We make Records for various media that are distributed through our strategic partners in over 80 countries worldwide.


Our placements include

  • Artists

    Our team has worked with amazing artists including; Michael Jackson, Baby Face, Beyoncé, Luther Vandross, Busta Rhymes, & Dr. Dre.

  • TV / Film

    We've had 1,000's of uses in 100's of shows including; The Simpson's, True Blood, Bones, 30 Rock, Lie to Me, Entourage, The Office, & many more.

  • Video Games

    Scored &/or Sound Design on more then 20 Game including; "True Crimes: Streets of LA", "Dark Reign 2", & "Vigilante 8: 2nd offense".

  • Advertising

    Our music has also been in many commercials including campaigns by; Toyota, The Voice, Budweiser, T-Mobile, LA Lakers, & LA Dodgers.


Some of our team

We are still working on a big bio page featuring all of our talented team. In the meantime these mini bio's of key personnel will have to do. If you need to connect with a department not listed, one of these three can help.